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skylake unlocked i5 6600k or spend the extra 30.00 and get the locked i7 6700

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  • skylake unlocked i5 6600k or spend the extra 30.00 and get the locked i7 6700

    I'm building a Gaming pc for my son based on the z170 skylake chipset and looking for some advice really as the locked i7 6700 is available at around 225.00 and the unlocked i5 6600k is still 200 I was wondering if the i7 would be the better buy I understand you cant over clock it but with the 4 extra threads and the extra mb cache is the i7 the better option at this price range or am I missing something My personal rig is about 10yrs old but apart from changing the graphics card a few times it still can play most titles at 1080p at high fps using a asus gt750ti because I bought the best parts like x48 chipset quad extreme cpu and the maximum 8gb overclock-able memory .So I have tried to do the same this time with this build by getting the latest up to date components hoping I can get another 10yrs without any just asking anyones advice about the chip to use i7 locked or i5 unlocked.

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    In general, purely for gaming, the consensus is that there's not much benefit to an i7 over an i5, because games just don't make good use of many-cored CPUs. This may change, but there's not much sign of it changing quickly - writing multi-threaded software is significantly more complicated than writing single-threaded software, typically only apps like video rendering which use relatively simply software logic but perform large CPU intensive calculations will make good use of an i7.

    If there's any chance of you overclocking, the i5 is the clear winner.

    If not, there probably wouldn't be much difference between the two, so it's a question of balancing the 30 difference against how likely you are to do more than just gaming with the computer in the future.


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      Also another thing to ask "are you actually going to overclock it...."
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