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775 CPU Socket Damaged?

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  • 775 CPU Socket Damaged?

    Hey all
    Been having trouble with getting an old system running that I squired a while back system is as follows:
    Nvidia 680i SLI Motherboard
    2GB DDR 2 Ram (800mhz)
    Core 2 Quad Q8300 (2.5ghz)
    Have a nvidia Graphics also but cant remember model off top of my head
    Problem is this I have everything installed properly including all power cables etc and nothing would appear on screen whatever I tried
    Then after I took out the heatsink cooler I noticed something on the CPU socket
    Im sure that it looks like 1 of the sections on the actual board of the CPU is damaged (see below photo 1)

    Photo 2 is the actual CPU which looks intact?
    Hopefully someone can tell me definitively if the motherboard is no good then I can look for a replacement

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    one of the pins in the centre middle looks a little off, VERY carefull nudging with a scalpel may straighten it.

    Does the board support 45nm chips? or it might need a bios update to support the Q8300
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      same system you had issues with the heatsink?
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        Yea but I sorted that out even before I had this cpu it had an older Intel chip not sure which model but before I originally dismantled this pc it didn't work before hand
        No worries though as it looks like 775 motherboards are relatively cheap


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          If you're careful you should be able to bend that folded over pin back. As wonder says though, some were finicky with 45nm chips, do you have another chip to try?


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            I had the Striker Extreme which couldn't even manage 300 FSB, so that puts a (stock) 333 MHz chip way out of its capabilities. The 680i sucked for quads, in a major way.

            You may be able to bend that pin back, but it could also snap.

            Sure, you can get plenty of "cheap" 775 boards, but not the good ones.
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              large needle or a small fishing hook and if you ease it you can put it back in line.

              cpu pins you want a mechanical pencil and a credit card.

              all are fixable with a deft touch and enough time
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                Razer blade is our techys tool of choice, and concur top middle pin isn't right.
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                  yes, the 9 down/15 across pin is damaged ... i hate this and im not even sure if you can physically straighten these pins ( as ive never had to do it ) ... and another problem you may have is locating another 680i chipset motherboard .. allthough second hand will be the only option .....
                  ive found a asus striker Nvidia 680i SLI Motherboard ( ) and its not a bad deal for 64 buy it now ..... i have to admit there were some gems with socket lga775 mobo,s and they were awesome overclockers .... ive checked cpu support and it says it only supports q6600,q6700 and some extreme quads... however it should support the Q8300 even if a bios update is required
                  ( )
                  other options include :
                  nvidia 790i from a dell xps 730 ( )

                  or my choice .. the "XFX nforce 790i ultra" ( ) 89 buy it now but thats one sweet motherboard and looks in really good nick ..

                  both these boards should be decent replacements .... and both have some exceptional cpu cooling set ups ......
                  hope this helps
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                    they did not play nice with the 45nm 775 chips. this was when intel screwed nvidia out the mobo game.

                    iirc they will work and oc them a little, but nowhere near their full potential like on p45/x48.
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