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For gaming is there any noticable difference with i5 and i7?

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    If you get an i5 you might always be thinking, "I wonder if this game would be running just a tiny bit faster with an i7".

    If you don't think that will bug you, then get an i5.


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      Originally posted by Sky1683 View Post
      i5 to an i7 is the same as the GTX 970 to a GTX 980...
      IF you overclock you get an i5 that is as good as a i7.
      The thing is with i5 is that you will have problems doing multiple stuff such as,
      Streaming to Twitch, while a game is open with another screen showing Google Chrome browser also doing some photoshop for your Uni assignment for example...
      All that will make your CPU work at its fullest capacity making it a bit laggy time to time and then it wears off faster.
      an i7 solves these problems by having hyperthreading in all i7 CPUs...
      i5 only the ones that have all 4 true cores DONT feature hyperthreading...
      Hyperthreading on i5 transforms its natural dual core to a single core cpu when its running a thread...
      and on top of that you got Cache etc...
      In terms of performance in games its almost the same.
      Photoshop it would get destroyed by an i7
      Actually, if you want to get technical, i5's DO have HT, it's just disabled within the first 20 instructions of your PC turning on.

      One could always argue that overclocking would "match" the performance of the next one up. Sure, it does, but then the next one up also overclocks and just opens up the gap again.

      For gaming, an i5 is plenty and there's no need to get an i7. If you want to have the best of the best that your platform can handle, then you'd obviously opt for the i7. Is it worth the cash if you're just gaming? No, most likely not. Is it worth it if you're editing videos and photos on a mass scale? Definitely.

      Also, a friend told me something that I always remember. If you buy cheap and don't get what you really want the first time, it'll end up costing you more money in the end. Do it right the first time.
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        my core i5 3330 has similar performance to a i7 920 ... however i cant see any reason to replace the i5 3330 for some time
        Intel core i5 3330 3.0ghz,8GB XMS3 1333MHZ (2 X 4GB),MSI R9 270x,128gb SSD (boot) + 1tb wd sata ,msi z77a-g41 mobo,asus xonar dgx ,520w seasonic psu,aerocool xpredator x1 devil red chassis


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          in a nutshell NO .... i can run all current games using my i5 3330 and the only thing holding it back is my HD6850 ... but it does what i need so why upgrade my gpu ...... both core i3,s and i5,s are good for gaming ( in conjunction with a mid range gpu ) and i7,s are of course ok but the extra expense ( around 100 ) could be spent on your gpu
          my spare rig has a i3 3220 and 2 x HD4850,s in xfire ... even with those relic gpu,s it also runs 99% of the latest games without any probs .. so i3.s are also worth looking at ( haswell or skylake when they are released ) .....
          check out the full skylake list below

          the core i3 6320 has a 3.9ghz base clock .. thats amazing and will be a king among budget gamers .... combine the i3 6320 with a GTX960 and you will be running the latest games without any probs
          Intel core i5 3330 3.0ghz,8GB XMS3 1333MHZ (2 X 4GB),MSI R9 270x,128gb SSD (boot) + 1tb wd sata ,msi z77a-g41 mobo,asus xonar dgx ,520w seasonic psu,aerocool xpredator x1 devil red chassis