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AMD Athlon X4 760K Black Edition

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  • AMD Athlon X4 760K Black Edition

    Hi guys
    Ive been looking at the AMD Athlon X4 760K Black Edition cpu due to its amazingly low price and its decent clock speed ... at 3.8ghz and quad core this cant be too bad,and it has to be better than my current "PENTIUM g620" which is only clocked at 2.6ghz .... it also comes with a turbo mode that ramps the Athlon X4 760K up to 4.1ghz,and most guys can get this running at 4.6ghz using stock voltages
    however ive heard some negative reviews on this processor and personally i think its because its a cut down APU that AMD would of binned if they couldnt find a market for it .... but is the Athlon X4 760K really a waste of silicon and not worth buying
    theres only 4mb of cache ( G620 has 3mb cache ) but surely a 3.8ghz quad core processor cant be that bad ... granted against the core i5 its a non starter but as a cpu for a budget gaming pc it must have something going for it
    basically i want to get the Athlon X4 760K and pair it up with the MSI A78-G41 PC Mate A78 FM2+ Motherboard ( around 42 ) which has crossfire support .... i will then add a second HD5770 and add another 8gb of ram ( allready have 8gb ddr3 (2 x 4gb) )
    so whats your views on the AMD Athlon X4 760K Black Edition ?

    cheers guys !
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    I think everyone these days basically have this view, "if it isn't as good as Intel's I5 then it's not worth getting". In that case no AMD chip is worth getting

    I personally think it's a great little budget chip. It's basically on par with the FX-4100. Unless you need the iGPU within the A8-5600K.

    Plus, upgrade path on the FM2+ platform.

    In any case I wouldn't even consider crossfiring a HD 5770. It's old technology and the power usage is a bit of a slap in the face. You may as well sell your current HD 5770 and opt for a single GPU solution.

    I'd probably recommend the R9 270 due to low power consumption and superb performance (on par with the HD 7870). It won't be much more expensive than 2x HD 5770s. Cheapest R9 270 on offer is the MSI Gaming.
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      that is a solid and cheap little processor. My brother uses one in his htpc. He got it as part of a bundle really cheap and paired it with an ol gpu he had sitting around.

      Great for hd playback and with the right gpu you can still play more or less all games on high settings, well from what my brother says anyhows
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        You could easily find a second hand sandy bridge i5 for ~100 which would be much better. It definitely wouldnt be 100 more performance over a g620 IMO. You could even find a g840 or an i3 2120 cheap as chips for a bit more performance (although it would be minor)

        Clock speed is not the be all and end all. Intel CPUs clocked lower are still faster, AMD only inflates the clockspeeds to make people go OMG 5GHZ?!!?!?!?!1111!?1?!?!

        Its not a bad CPU, if you a had a board laying around it might be worth it but it wouldnt be much of an upgrade for 100, especially compared to finding a cheap sandy i3/i5

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        Originally posted by jointhedotz
        I admit it, it's so damn good! following Alan on the downs, just getting a feel


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          thanks guys ... i understand chaz,s point regarding a secondhand core i5,however ive seen enough positive comments/reviews to convince me the athlon x4 760K is good enough,well at least for what i need it for .... granted a core i5 would be a significant upgrade but even second hand its more than i wanted to pay for any cpu .. and the x4 760k along with a FM2 mobo would still cost me under 100 ...
          i have 8gb of 1333mhz ram spare and a 1tb hard drive and i even have a spare soundblaster x-fi that i will use and the case is my old trusted NZXT m59 .....
          Intel core i5 3330 3.0ghz,8GB XMS3 1333MHZ (2 X 4GB),MSI R9 270x,128gb SSD (boot) + 1tb wd sata ,msi z77a-g41 mobo,asus xonar dgx ,520w seasonic psu,aerocool xpredator x1 devil red chassis