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    That is cheap.
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      Mobos going for 200-300 quid on the bay. Its just crazy


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        Lol wow.

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          chips that were top line or close to top line in a an old socket have always rocketed in price, all the way back to the barton3200's
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            the good mobo are only made in limited quantities, same on all older sockets so they hold their value much longer, more so if the socket is only short lived like all from intel since 775.



            the 920 can still hold its own at stock with 1 graphics card but if you want to sli/xfire then you will need to get it oc to about 3.8ghz with 1600mhz ram so its not holding the gpu back.
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              to be honest mate its the motherboard and triple channel ram that puts off many guys .... granted a core i7 920 can be snapped up for under 100 however add another 100 for a socket 1366 mobo and around 60 for 6gb of triple channel ram ... and the socket 1366 platform is essentially a legacy product ( and of course theres limited upgrades ) ....
              that said if your allready using a socket 1366 motherboard and the associated memory then go for it .... otherwise you may find it quite expensive
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                picked up a few 1366 bundles (cpu mobo ram) from 110 to 150 with a decent coolers.

                im using one now
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                  I have two 1366 systems (both I believe) very or extremely good overclockers. Both of my 920 D0's hit 4.5Ghz with being 20 runs of LinX stable so they are not a bad overclocker at all.. They both have EVGA Classified boards with them as well with full cover water blocks. The main problem I'd have recommending them would be a 4670k and a basic Z87 board and a basic cooler will beat it at stock speeds compared to my 920's @ 4.5Ghz.. For me it's a no brainer to go with the newer systems. I've been tempted and toying with the idea of buy a 980X or 990X but they are still going for stupid money and I just wouldn't get much from it (heat, efficiency etc) for the extra little performance I'd get.. I sadly just don't think it's worth it.