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2600k or 2500k??

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    The 2600K has more cache as well.


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      Still not worth the extra 70+, for me anyways.
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        Heres a comparison between the 2 cpus in various benchmarks, the 2600k wins in most but just about! Definately not enough to justify an extra 20 let alone 70
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          If you are loaded and have cash to burn the 2600k, but as everyone said, if you have important use for that 70 or so extra, stick to the 2500k, that's what I did and am more than happy
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            Originally posted by marsey99 View Post
            Not sure tbh mate, if you can use the extra cores then yes worth every penny.

            26k will be from a higher bin so should give you better clock speed when you do clock it and even more if you turn off the ht.

            For me its worth it if you can use the extras but I do think a few only have the 26 for the epeen.
            You could still get the 2500K and use the 70 you save doing your own binning :-)
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              Originally posted by albal View Post
              You could still get the 2500K and use the 70 you save doing your own binning :-)
              Simple fact is the 2600k is better for apps and multitasking as the 4 extra threads kinda turn into 2 cores (in real world power) so basically is 4 cores vs 6. Not many games use the extra cores ( not many use 4 that much when at 5GHZ). But a few that do, like say CIV5 it's an advantage.

              Soon as you turn to apps and multitasking when running apps like say using a video editing packaging and a web browser and photoshop at same time the 2600k creams the 2500k (970 can also cream the 2500k and is suddenly worth the cash).

              One thing I will note, is games like BF3 promised 64 player maps. In 32 player maps with Havoc physics firing BC2 can use well over 50% of my runtime on a 5GHZ 2600k (HT ON) So if you want a more future proof option that should be good for 3 years then go 2600k for games and apps. If you want to save cash right now for games, the 2500k is fine and dandy.

              If you play MMO's alot or RTS games, yet again the 2600k can make a difference especially with multitasking in MMO's of having lots MMO apps running with webpages and Voip and zero lag where as even a 2500k can stall and run out of power.

              If your idea of gaming is Call of duty 24-7, then a 2500k is stunning value and very bloody fast.

              The point of the extra threads of 2600k or cores of i7 970 is you can do stuff in the background and play a game or even run stuff like FRAPS on it's own core with no slow down even at 1080p. So if you do more than just game 2600k makes alot of sense and isn't just "epeen" nerd porn.

              If all you do is game and mild multitasking and apps, there is no shame in a 2500k. You can always add a 2600k or better at a later date IF you need to.

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