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Q6600 idle temps - 57C

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  • Q6600 idle temps - 57C

    50-60C idle. that too high?

    Brief research through Google has people talking about 30C and near 60C under load.

    I know my case isn't exhausting too well - so when I fix that it'll help but wondered what you guys thought of the idle temps as is.

    I've had no noticeable problems.

    Cooling with the Arctic freezer pro 7, rev 2.

    Thank you.

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    Sounds like your cooler isn't fitted properly, make sure all the push pins are firmly in place or possibly reseat it and reapply thermal paste. It is too high just for idle.
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      Mine hits about 60-65 under full load. Its overclocked to 3.2ghz under a Coolermaster 212+
      Back up and running fully


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        Might be worth showing a screenshot of cpuz.

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          Does sound like your heatsink isnt fitted properly,

          what case do you have? what is the airflow like>?
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            Right. Probably my amateur attempt at fitting the cooler. I'll have another go. Foolishly I didn't check temps with the old cooler so couldn't compare.

            I'll hoik it off and reapply.

            I like mucking around with my computer...but I'm rubbish at it! (find my thread about fitting the new PSU for a laugh at my expense...turning on the computer helped fix my problem)

            Thanks for the quick replies. It'll have to wait a couple of days as I have no thermal paste stuff.

            I'll screenshot the temps tomorrow as well. I'm on my iPad now.


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              What cooler have you got?

              Misread the first post lol. Is the bottom of the cooler flat?
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              Back up and running fully


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                cooler isn't seated correctly

                I would remove clean thermal paste off and replace with arctic silver or some other good brand stuff and re-seat the cooler making sure the pushpins are all solid

                only time my q6600 see's 60 is under full load


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                  A little tip don't overdo the thermal paste as it will essentially insulate the processor if to thick.
                  Back up and running fully


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                    temps screen grab (System Information for Windows - SIW)


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                      are those temps all idle????

                      even the GPU is high there.

                      Whats the temp of the room the computer in? What case is it in and how many fans etc does it have?
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                        All idle.

                        The case is an ASUS TA-210. Fairly old now.

                        The computer is not in the best place as it's sandwiched in a desk with fairly close proximity to the sides. Room temp is fairly cool/shaded.

                        Currently just one rear fan that's pushing air out. I'm taking delivery of a new fan today so I'm going to have one pulling in, one pushing out.

                        Thinking of putting the 'exhaust' on the side near the CPU cooler (might need to mod/hack the case slightly) - nearer the top of the case. Cool air in from the back.

                        Bound to muck it all up - but I'll have fun trying


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                          If those temps are all at idle, then you need to look at your case airflow, as they all look too high.

                          I'd want at least 1 front intake, 1 or 2 rear exhausts & if you're putting a fan on the side, it needs to be an intake, blowing on the CPU, not an exhaust.
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                            far too hot for idle temps.
                            mine, even with the old carp cooler i had on never idled above 33 > 35C


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                              I'm not sure another 80mm fan is gonna help that much. That case is gonna be very restrictive on air flow.

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