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    Originally posted by Ferriman View Post
    I've looked deeply into this and came to the conclusion of ASUS p67 motherboard.

    Specifically this one:

    Note the 6Gb/s x 4 SATA and the 3.0 USB x 4.
    That's an excellent choice and will last for a good few years ... until you can't resist to upgrade for new cpu with different architecture.
    It's like the Asus P4P800 in the Pentium 4 age imo.
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      For a mainly gaming PC, P67 are the better value boards.

      For an all-round PC, Z68 has LucidVirtu which switches between onboard/discrete graphics, giving you a quieter/cooler PC when the GPU is not needed - ideal if you leave it switched on for hours or only game occasionally.

      The other Z68 features are pants, unless SSD-caching is appealing - in which case wait for the new boards in June which have mSATA.

      H67 - HTPC / surfing & solitaire
      P67 - Gaming
      Z68 - Bit of everything


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        Originally posted by codnan View Post
        paying more for the z68 is better ssd performance
        It rather conned really. SSD performance are no difference between Z68 and P67 because OCZ vertex 3 SSD performance much the same. Don't waste money on Z68.