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  • New cpu no signal

    I've recently upgraded a dual core cpu (g3220) originally to an i5 4440. At first startup it worked for a few hours then began giving me no signal to the monitor and the problems been happening since. Sometimes it works for a few minutes until no signal. I've reset the cmos, updated the bios to f5, wondering if I should have done the f4 update but I assumed f5 would have the f4 updates aswell?? I thought it was a faulty cpu so bought an i5 4570 but still the same problem so it must be the 4th gen cpu. My specs are..

    Gigabyte h81m d2v
    I5 4570
    16gb corsair ram (new)
    600w corsair psu

    I've unplugged the dvd drive as I don't use it thinking there wasn't enough power supplied, is the psu enough for the system?


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    Just noticed no one uses this forum much lol *tumble weed*


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      The forum is sleeping.

      I think your PSU is fine, possibly you need to make sure that the CPU is set to an appropriate voltage.
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        What cooler are you using?

        Just in case you are still using the G3220 stock cooler it will not be enough to cool an i5 which requires a minimum of a stock copper cored cooler.

        does the system become stable if you replace the G3220?
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