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  • Temps on load

    Hi all,

    Question about temps for this particular set up:

    Motherboard... Asus P10S-I
    CPU................. XEON E3-1245 V6
    Cooler.............. Cryorig C7
    Case................ Lian-Li PC-Q25B

    Reason for the above config is not a lot of space to host a NAS / VM Server (running UNRAID) so have had to go small.

    I am seeing temps under full CPU load of ~78-81c (stressing all 8 threads using stress command under linux)

    Being as I cannot find any temperature related information on Intel's website for my CPU I am not sure if it's doing OK or not, my day-day usage is unlikely to see stress like the above, but just want to know it's safe, as I am very limited to what cooler I can put in that case.

    Screenshot for reference, running from a default install of Manjaro 17.1.7 with Kernel 4.15.14-1:

    PC: 4790K|H110i|Z97 Sabertooth Mk1|SLI GTX 980 SC|16 GB Beast 2400 MHz|2x850 Pro RAID0|W7|HX1000i|NZXT H440 SE|Dell U3415W|Genelec 8040a|Dacmagic Plus
    Mac Pro: Dual 6 Core X5690 Xeons|64 GB ECC|7970 Windforce 3|512 GB NVMe PCIe|2xWD Black 4 TB Raid 0|OS X 10.11.3|2x27" Apple Cinema Displays|KRK V4 Series 2