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High CPU Temperature Causing PC to Slow Down

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    Just an update on this. i sent it in for repair on the 15th of January. I've phoned twice now but no one was able to tell me the status of my computer. This Thursday will be 1 month since i took it in.

    When should i be worried :/


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      There's no point worrying about it, and little point in getting it repaired. Just replace it with another cooler and you'll be good to go. As already suggested, the pump has almost definitely failed and unless wherever you sent it to can recondition or fit a new pump (which will cost more than the unit is worth) you might as well just replace it.

      There's also the possibility that enough of the coolant has permeated through the tubing over the years, in such minute doses to not be apparent, that there's now an 'airlock' in the pump, which would also give you the same symptoms. Either way, it's new cooler time.

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        if the cooler unit is under the manufacturers warranty and you sent back to Aria, I think (don't hold me to this), that Aria have 30 working days to respond with a remedy. This can mean Aria test the part, send the part back to distributor and then there is a 30 day from distributor back to Aria - depending on the test time this means it then goes over the Aria time. In this case, as a consumer you can either go strict on Aria or be nice and wait a little while longer. Every case is then different with who credits whom or provides replacements. Please do get in touch with customer service, I have to say that all calls I make to Aria are answered, but I am calling mid afternoon in most cases so as to avoid lunchtime rush.

        In cases where I have had items fail under manufacturer warranty, it depends on the manufacturer whether I go back to the retailer or direct to manufacturer as they all deal with it in different levels of customer care.

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