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    yea, till you say something silly and then it is like a pack of coyotes

    with 2 fans i would have 1 in the front, at the bottom or in the base (to get as cool of air as possible) and 1 out on the rear.

    any heat not moved by those will seep out the fan mounts in the roof.
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      Just be nice and try and help the guy who started the thread - pretty much everyone has said something provocative so far. Just remember, it's ok for people to have a different opinion and experiences to you.

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        Yea agreed, apologies.

        Taking out the heat issue completely, i would get more fans just because it is more Alpha. So picture this setting, your walking in the park with your mate, and your discussing you new pc, your mate has also recently built a pc. You mate tells you that he only put a few fans in, then you tell him that you went to the MAX. Your mate will say, "damn, that's Alpha".

        And just as this happens a young attractive rich hard working young lady walking her dog happens to over hear how Alpha you are with all your case fans and asks if she can come back you your place to check out your hardware.

        You swoon her with your impressive cooling, and well what will happen next is not fit to put in to detail on a family friendly forum.

        That will almost definitely happen.


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          Man I wasn't expecting so many replies, really appreciate it! I may start of with 2 fans and give a render in aftereffects and premiere pro a whirl with 2 fans and see how temperatures go. I really don't mind spending a little extra on more fans (and bragging rights) if needed. Someone mentioned the 212 isn't that great a CPU cooler... Which do you guys use/suggest? Although I am just going to use turbo boost to begin with, I may look into overclocking a couple of months down the line.


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            What case are you using? Be careful with cooler height if you're using a compact mATX case.


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              Originally posted by Mangomonkey View Post
              I may start of with 2 fans and give a render in aftereffects and premiere pro a whirl with 2 fans and see how temperatures go.
              Good approach. It is called science. Do an experiment and see what happens.

              I would say that for real scientific breakthroughs you need to put a strain gauge in there to see how many inches the case expands by as it gets hot. But a simple temperature measurement will do it.

              At one stage I might have thought about positioning a fan to cool hard drives. I have three HDDs stacked in the front of the case. But now that the PC's driving force is an SSD that is another obsolete old school strategy.
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                  Got the Fractal Core 1300 case which supports a CPU cooler up to "about 162mm high" . I have heard some rave reviews about the DeepCool Gammaxx 400 which also seems to be very wallet friendly haha.


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                    Originally posted by michaelkenward View Post

                    I would say that for real scientific breakthroughs you need to put a strain gauge in there to see how many inches the case expands by as it gets hot.
                    Thats not very nice.

                    I have not said at any point that your opinion of how many fans he needs is wrong, if you look at my post, i said that i agreed that it would probably be overkill to have that many fans.

                    I said that electronic components contract and expand as they cool, this is true. This affect can cause damage to sensitive components, again, in the context of this thread, it is very unlikely to make any difference with the temperature variations involved here.

                    However, if you look at most CPU's, graphics cards etc, most will have fans or cooling solutions and there is a reason for that.

                    Again unlikely in this scenario, but the lower the temperature range you put your components through the lower chances of failure due to heat. Yes pc components are built with certain tolerances, and should operate completely normally for years without the need for extra cooling.

                    However as you know, pc components do fail, some of which will have little or nothing to do with the effect of heat on those components, but some will be as a result of too much heat just tipping that component to failure.

                    In my opinion, as little difference as it may make, if it were me, the cost of extra fans and potentially more noise would be a good trade off.

                    You disagree, and that's fine. But you seem to be purposely going out to make me sound like an idiot.
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                      This article probably gets it across it a better way that i have explained.
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                        Interesting article... not sure if it's taking it a bit to the extreme though, but good read!


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                          Yep, your components will throttle or shut off before any serious damage is done. Processors are designed to run quite happily with the crap cooler that comes with them, in cheap confined cases for long periods of time. Any cooler or case upgrade is a bonus but I wouldn't get overly concerned. A half decent cooler in the airy fractal case you have, with one intake and one exhaust fan is more than enough for a non gaming build.