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  • Best fan setup

    Looking for opinions on the best fan setup.

    Firstly, I have a seidon 120v with stock fan cooling the cpu. Its fitted in the rear exhaust mount as an intake pushing air through the rad into the case. The only way it fits is case/fan/rad.

    I have a 120mm sickleflow front intake and a stock corsair 120mm top exhaust.

    My prefered setup would be two front intake and the seidon as an exhaust in pull config but would the air inside the case be cool enough to bring through the rad?

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    With 2 intakes I would expect it to be fine.

    I saw some comparisons a while back, comparing using the ALC coolers in pull and push configs, and in a well ventilated case it made little difference.
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      In an ideal world, I always go for close to equal in/out airflow but with a slight bias towards positive pressure inside the case.. Assuming you have dust filters on the intake fans it helps stops dust being drawn in through gaps in the case.

      But each case of different -the only way to know what is 'best' is to try different configs and see what gives the best results.

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        exactly what Aaron just said^^^

        the theory is cool air in the front, bottom and sides and out the top and rear but what is best for each case with x fans you can only know by testing

        it sounds to me like you have read too much and are confused about rads and air temps. in an ideal world yes you want the cool air from out the case going thru the rads before the parts inside the case heat it up. but in the real world it makes very little difference unless you have a volcano or bomfire in your case.

        i have 120mm and 240mm rads in my case, both are setup up on the exhaust fans pulling out the "warm" air. but the heat is not really in the case as the water moves it to the rads which is being pushed away from everything by the fans.

        having rads in intake fans just heats the rest of the system in truth so while it will make your water cooler, it will heat everything else.

        if i was you dude i would flip the fan around and see what your temps do
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          AS long as you have airflow running through it, which by the sounds of it, you will. Specific configurations with fans probably make little difference.


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            So I now have 2 intakes and my rad set up as an exhaust in pull config. I now have the same temps (25 - 65) at 4.2Ghz 1.278v.

            The only difference is that my fans are near silent and the only noise is from the pump which isnt that quiet [emoji14] in my old setup I had all the fans on max!