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  • noisy fan

    when i first built my PC a few months back it ran nion silently, but last night i was streaming TV (vikings FYI) and the rear fan was noisy where it hadnt been before

    it is a stock case fan that i havent tampered with at all

    im new to all this, any ideas why its suddenly become noisy?

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    Cleaned it out recently? It's either full of dust/fluff causing overheating if you've not cleaned it so the fans running faster to compensate, or if you've cleaned it recently then some muck may have got lodged in to the fan... Or the bearings are failing. You can try and clean it and see if that helps, sometimes gently pressing the fan back into the housing helps, but quite often with generic case fans it's put up with the noise or replace the fan time.
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      i cant imagine it getting dusty as it is at near the top of the back panel of the case

      i imagine its just died

      ill get shopping


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        but that might be my lack of imagination by the way, ive not cleaned it since i built it end of jan

        how often should i clean it? are there any other weekly/monthly/etc tasks i should perform to keep it running smooth?


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          Who is the case by?..... some stock fans are really low quality lol.... as the Snakemeister points out...replace with some good uns....

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            zalman R1

            i dont think aria stock it anymore


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                I seen that on twitter too

                As per the OP. Yes it may just be low quality fans...

                The system I built at the start of jan hasnt been cleaned inside since i got it but thats because ive got filters and all i do is wipe the front to remove dust will get the air gun out in 4 months time if its but ive switched my system off once....apart from restarts and such its been running constant and my bequiet fans are still as silent as ever...but they were 14 per fan lol. Case fans doing fine as well....i got the sharkoon bulldozer.

                Have a look at bequiet silent wings...well worth the money!

                Edit: youd be surprised where dust gets btw, the fan parts themselves may be of ok quality but the seals near the barings may have already worn from constant use? If you have ran it the barings may have started to wear and thus more noise or lubricant has evaporated/leaked which will also cause more noise...all that is pointless really. Just cheap fans as most cases come with lol
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                  Quite often some dust/dirt will get stuck in the hub and make a similar noise to a worn bearing, I usually wash them out and then give 'em a few drips of light oil to lubricate the seals when they're dry, they usually soldier on for a few more years then.


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                    I'm surprised it's making noise already, even the lower end fans supplied with cases tend to last a little longer than that.

                    i suspect someone has hit the nail on the head with the dust scenario, be careful with the oil application, i think there was some youtube videos around on how to do this, sometimes there are caps on the centre section you can remove to oil under, other times not. Get an air duster or if you can use a small air compressor to supply the feed.

                    They can of course change pitch as they wear over time, and this is where the better fans will out perform the cheap freebies in the case, in that they wont change as much.

                    The BeQuiet fans are really nice.
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                      Thanks all