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  • Fans / Mobo headers

    Hi knowledgeable folk,

    how many PWM fans can I run (safely) off one header?

    I know my mobo only supports PWM off the CPU_FAN header, but ideally I want all teh fans to be PWM.

    I currently have 3 running off it (2 on the CPU cooler, one exhaust on the rear) but I'm wondering if I can stick another two (intakes) on there too??

    I'm done with messing around with fan controller and such. I just want everything automagic
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    I thought it was only safe to run 2 fans off a single header :s

    Are you sure you only have the one header that automatically controls fan speed? My now getting on abit asrock z68 board has 3!

    CPU 4 pin
    CPU 3 pin
    Chassis 4 pin.

    All are able to control the fan speed dependent on CPU temperature.
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      I'm sure you used to be able to get pwm splitters where only the pwm signal comes from the cpu fan header and the power comes from a molex, might be worth a look.


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        depends more on the board than anything tbh.

        and the fan, some faster fans will use more juice than many slower ones for eg.
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          Depends on the fan consumption and what the header supports, it'll tell you in your mobo manual. I'm running 4 fans off one header on my Asus board for example, and it still has some headroom, but they're all slow speed, low power fans.