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  • Need help picking a case

    Hi guys, I need help picking a small,silent/quiet, functional and decent looking case, there are so many to choose from! i have a Matx mobo my budget is around £30-£40 any help would be great! i have a basic build with just 1 hard drive at the moment i already have a psu if that helps, i have this beast of a case at the moment which was meant for big motherboard (my old core 2 build lol) and it just takes up to much room and is noise and vibration machine(probs needs a good air dust aswell) cheers!

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    The budget is a little tight but maybe you will get lucky today if you pay close attention to the Cyber Monday deals, last week I saw an Aerocool DS in budget and that might've been perfect. Silverstone Precsion PS07 or Temjin TJ08 might be an option, it's old enough to be deal fodder at this point. anidées AI4B is occasionally discounted so is another one to look out for today. Nanoxia Deep Silence 4 might be quiet, but it's quite plain, fridge freezer like styling. Either of the Corsair µATX can probably be configured to be reasonably quiet.

    I'd probably avoid the Bitfenix µATX as I think the layout probably doesn't lend itself to quiet builds.

    What CPU and graphics card are you using? There are more compact cases than the ones mentioned above, but you specified quiet/silent and the smaller the case gets the harder it is to keep it quiet.