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CoolerMaster CM Storm

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  • CoolerMaster CM Storm

    any one seen it? i have read all the info on it and it looks like its a beast for cooling your rig
    any thoughts?

    Rig spec soon to come...

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    you get a lot of case for your money with coolermaster but personally for the price i would look at something like the corsair 750d or bitfenix shinobi xl. maybe even the nzxt 810 which can all be had for around the same price.

    issue is with case that i like and others like are not the same. my taste, your taste all different and nobody is wrong.

    i think i would end up with the shinobi xl the more i think about it.
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      well...umm...hmmm... the corsair 750d i don't really like the design of the case but shinobi xl looks really nice and in white too but CM storm case can be in white too but Aria don't sell them
      now i'm going to be pulling my hair out to think which case to get thank marsey for that -_-

      Rig spec soon to come...