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Watercooling - What does everyone use??

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  • Watercooling - What does everyone use??

    I was curious as to what people used and whether or not they cleaned any of the barbs and if so what with...

    I'm just after some information as I'm curious as to why Aria doesn't do any of it...

    I'm also wondering if anyone uses anything other than EK stuff as well... I'm looking into a few different makes of rad and since Thermochill no longer makes any, I think it's time for me to move on! I'm wondering about these monsta rads and was wondering if anyone uses them at all?

    Many thanks in advance for peoples answers I'm looking forward to having a new loop or two to setup shortly

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    I can tell you why Aria don't stock it. It's too much of a specialised market and there are already entire companies dedicated to providing such parts. It wouldn't make financial sense for Aria to stock a vast range of WC components.
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      my loop is a mismatch of all kinds of bits. black ice rad, ek pump/res and xspc block.

      i plan on hitting mick at mayhems up when i next do something with my loop as they do a new loop cleaner.
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        Mine is a mismatch of second hand parts from different manufactures. Use distilled water and pt nuke and never have any problems

        Got an ek gpu block now but had an aquacomputer GPU block on my last card and the aquacomputer was better quality for sure.
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          I suppose with everything you get what you pay for Thing is with the different GPU blocks etc, wouldn't you need to a make a direct comparison - same loop, ambient temps etc...?

          As for Aria not offering I'm curiousi they would consider it for system building or branching out into that field via someone else?

          I think for one thing, I'd love to try a 140 size rad instead of the 120 size I've had.. I've already picked out some fans to go with it....


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            I have a 240 and a 120 rad in my loop, both Phobya G-Changer.
            CPU and GPU both EK blocks. Can't remember the make of the pump, but has res attached to the top.
            Compression fixings and tubing cheap as I could get.
            Use UV blue EK coolant.
            Have Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP15 fans on the rads.
            Never had an issue on temps, never get any noise above the pump under any amount of stress.


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              Damn that must be a loud pump haha
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                I have gone back to air, i find its just as good as water, but much quieter, only really went water cooling for aesthetics more than cooling penitential, 40 vs no contest really for the average user, time to sell my D5 and Raystorm block me thinks


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                  Originally posted by Finners View Post
                  Damn that must be a loud pump haha
                  if I leave the PC running and sit on the couch watching telly then I can still hear the noise of the pump.. just a very faint whir always going on I seem to notice, not actually loud. just never hear the fans over it.


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                    the pump is the loudest thing in mine too. not sure if it the pump just wurring away or it making the case vibrate. but this corsair 540 feels cheap imo anyway.

                    the res bay pump i replaced was much quieter, not quiet silent but dam near.
                    "Those able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses."


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                      d5 variable pump speed is where it's at

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                        D5 pump all the way! Mounted in the drive bay and I can't hear it at all.

                        Originally posted by coiler
                        Then go all out dogging, after i've finished rimming of course


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                          I have been watercooling for over 8 years now. I have parts from several manufacturers and I doubt if many have heard of the pumps I use despite them being the best pumps available back when I started.

                          Pumps - 2x Cooltechnica Aquaextreme 50z's 700lph/185gph, head height 3.2m/10.5ft, it has a tiny heat dump of only 9w!! Very quiet too. You can pick these up second hand for 20 or less now.
                          Radiator 1 - Thermochill PA120.3 (15mm fan spacing)
                          Radiator 2 - Coolgate CG360
                          Reservoir - XSPC 250mm Passive reservoir
                          CPU Block - EK Supreme HF Getting on a bit now but cpu block performance is largely stagnant now.
                          GPU Block - EK Thermosphere Just got this brand new for a bargain 27.99. Haven't tried it yet as I am waiting for new tubing to arrive. It's a upgrade from my XSPC Rasa VGA block.
                          Tubing - 7/16" XSPC Highflex Clear outside the case & red in the case. I have around 4m of tubing in my loop along with 2x 6 foot lengths of copper pipe. This is due to my radiators being mounted in a box on a windowsill outside my computer room which is a double cupboard knocked into one.
                          Fittings - A selection of compression fittings, barbs, 45 and 90 degree rotary angles, bulkhead fittings and adaptors from EK, XSPC, Alphacool, Phobya and Primochill.
                          Liquid - Carplan de-ionised water (1 from Asda at the moment for 2.5ltrs) with Mayhems XT1. I was using Primochill Liquid Utopia but you can't get this excellent additive anymore so switched to XT1 form Mayhems.
                          Rad Fans - 6x Yate Loon D12SM-12D 120x38mm thick.

                          I also have a pair of Phobya inline temp sensors mounted on the inlet and outlet on the case to monitor water temps. I think that's about it concerning components.

                          The reason I went watercooling is because my little pc room is only 5 feet by 5 feet and used to get very warm when I was still on air. Switching to water and mounting the rads in a box on the windowsill was a win/win for me. It got the heat out of my room plus I get the cooler air from outside going through my rads which give me temps you could only dream of with air cooling. In the winter I get temps approaching what you would get using a water chiller. It's quiet too!!
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                            we have the exact same fluid in out loops xD

                            but i paid more for the di water from asda.
                            "Those able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses."


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                              Well I'm glad to hear there's a call for it

                              I'm trying to go into business for myself but I was wondering whether or not there was enough of a call for it. I'm trying to get a complete PC business setup so I would offer a network installations as well as complete custom build PC's as well.. I'm dead excited to be getting things started, I've just got to find a company to start dealing with for PC hardware for a trade account... I've a few on my list, but I'm not sure whether or not there'd be a minimum spend to get any sort of discount, but I guess there's no harm in trying!!

                              TAZ, is your Raystorm a 115x version?