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  • New case Design (Input required)

    well I have been on and off about designing a chassis for a while, and finally decided to make time to do it, so I have (now 27 days) on my autoCAD trial to bust out a new chassis, or collection of chassis (time dependent), and thought I would ask what people would like to see.

    I was thinking of doing an ITX or mATX chassis.

    any suggested concepts or influcences for design would be appreciated..

    As always I like to start by 'making' a case fan (from scratch), as I find they are fairly technical and use a wide toolset yet not are not so time consuming, so they make for a good a warm up. Also, they add realism to the finished product. I am aiming for a 'realistic', plausible, and pretty much ready to be used for manufacturing plans so details details details... the annoying thing about case design is, that PC components often follow an imperial measurement scheme due to the americans, and annoyingly there is a cross over with metrics too from fans, SSDs etc.

    Here is the development of the current fan, I have taken inspiration from the 'silverstone AP' and various other companies use of creating a vortex flow, but I have used PHI (aka the golden ratio) for the spiraling, as everything in nature follows this principle, and while I can not do any testing myself, I feel it will at least work as well as any other solution available.


    2. Here I have thickened the fan blades.

    3. Final 'smoothed off'.

    4. Comparison between the Smooth(left) and sharp(right) fan.

    some screens while working on them
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    I like the idea, and the look. However, I'd worry that the plastic swirls would either impede airflow or be too thin to be structurally sound and if for instance part of it bent and came in contact with a fan blade you'd have a pretty catastrophic failure.

    If you can ensure neither of those problems exist then I'd say you've got a fairly solid design.
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      neither of those problems exist. there are more space between fins than a silverstone aP so I could afford to have more fins added in, but this number looks and seems perfectly fine. Also the thickness of the fins will be sturdy enough, there may be more flex than in the APs due to them being longer, but realistically,you would break them if you push on them that hard. There will be no issue once in place/use. Also these kinda fans are designed for high air pressure, and will work well on heatsinks and rads. I wont be detailing the fans further, this is just an intro. Looking for suggestions/concepts for the kind of case people would like to see

      silverstone AP


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        I would like to see a cube case, similar to the Corsair Carbide Series Air 540 but sleaker, like a Lian Li.

        Large side window, separate compartment for PSU and HDD's with at least 6 HDD trays + 2 SSD.
        It would also be cool to have space in the primary compartment for a decent watercooling setup. Fractal style sound insulation would be cool too.
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          I was thinking more of a low footprint kinda affair, those corsair Air cases are huge, 415x332..

          its interesting that they have added some hot sway bays at the bottom, on the motherboard side, which imo, only 2 is a bit of a cop out, also, it would have looked better for there to have been 4x or so for SSDs rather than HDDs, there is plenty of room for ugly HDDs on the PSU side.

          this thing is a monster tbh

          trying to ensure sound insulation space adds like 3mm in all directions and a lot of weight, and it also means careful consideration on ventilation, too much ventilation, sound leaks out, not enough, heat issues. There is a way around this, which is compartmentalisation, but this then increases space requirements.

          I think I may try this kinda configuration, but as mATX, mostly because this kinda layout is the only one which proportionally makes sense for cabling, and windowing to show your build off. the power supply and storage always tends to be more of a distraction, and no matter what they do to powersupplies, they are just a block that takes up space regardless.

          anyway after watching the latest episode, I think I have my influence.


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            so, concept for this design will be... any guesses?> ;D

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              Some early dimensions. At it stands, it has a smaller footprint than the corsair and to my knowledge there should be more than enough space for equal if not better cooling components, the problem with this particular layout is that there is a lot of wasted space on the B-side and there is little room on the A-side to mount a reservoir without getting in the way of things as should you want to mount a triple 120/140 rad at the front. the corsair has a fair advantage over my design as the air540 can be laid flat too, allowing the dual optical drives to be used as a dual bay res, where i am intentionally being 'footprint' conscious, however, I may simply increase the height and try a different arrangement.

              The alternative would be, I try to not directly cater for E-ATX sized motherboards.

              oh the other consideration I need to make is material, steel or aluminium..

              steel is 2.5x heavier than aluminium, while, aluminium is weaker, thus need to use a little more of it.

              ie, 1mm thick steel is pretty strong and some can get away with using 0.5mm steel (though its a little flexi at this thickness) where with aluminium, I need to compensate by using 1.5mm thick sheet for sides, and 2mm for the base, to which, the external walls of the chassis will be 3mm to all vertical sides.
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                some fascias


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                  Current progress

                  To do list

                  • Reduce size of side panels to show seam for realism
                  • Add custom PSU ventilation
                  • Add more ventilation at rear
                  • Reduce exterior thickness of PSU mount/
                  • Roof ventilation and fan/rad mountings
                  • interior front ventilation and fan mountings
                  • exterior front ventilation and front panel door
                  • Front I/O
                  • interior fixings (HDD/SSD/PSU/ODD mounts)
                  • internal ffloor ventilation?
                  • Presentation room/desk/monitor
                  • Detail side panel latches

                  Fair bit to do still.

                  I could emboss and detail the motherboard tray and detail its fixings so to not look so flat as I gave leyway to do this, but honestly, it seems like more hassle than its worth, so may skip it.
                  I may need to redo the ventilation hexes aswell, they seem too chunky.
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                    To do
                    • add more ventilation at rear and inside front
                    • detail inside, HDD/ODD/SSD racks
                    • add psu mount
                    • add some pretty lighting
                    • -may detail a motherboard if my system doesnt die.


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                      that is all kinds of awesome
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                        45min renders are making me die inside atm, so will hold off on high res renders for a while. (unless someone wants to give me an x99 system? )
                        I will try adjusting lighting and get some more closeups of some features.
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