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Coolermaster siedon 120 with NZXT M59 chassis ?

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  • Coolermaster siedon 120 with NZXT M59 chassis ?

    Hi guys
    I was going to buy another case ( 40 budget ) however i allready have a NZXT M59 case which is still a pretty good case,and its been good ( as the case for my spare pc ) however my main pc uses a arianet stealth x case which was great when i first used it but after 18 months its starting to fall to bits
    so my question is will the Coolermaster siedon 120 fit in the NZXT M59 ok .... ive heard that the radiator on the siedon is low profile or thinner than normal and it fits in allmost all cases including shuttle type cases
    i ask as i also own the "cool it eco alc " which fitted in the NZXT M59 but i couldnt shut the side panel properly ..... also the siedon is much easier to install than the cool it eco which looked easy on video,s but was a right royal pain in the backside when it came to installation
    any help will be much appreciated !
    Intel core i5 3330 3.0ghz,8GB XMS3 1333MHZ (2 X 4GB),MSI R9 270x,128gb SSD (boot) + 1tb wd sata ,msi z77a-g41 mobo,asus xonar dgx ,520w seasonic psu,aerocool xpredator x1 devil red chassis