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  • BitFenix - Aria Forum Review Wanted!

    Hello everyone!

    As I have previously mentioned, we are looking for a forum member (any status) to review one of our NEOS cases to give their feedback, opinions and of course share it with the rest of the community. There aren't many requirements as such and you will be allowed to keep the case/accessories after review.....sound good?

    All that would be needed is the following:

    - Be able to comfortably install a PC system into a case
    - Have a half decent camera which is available to take pictures
    - A PC/system less than 3 years old
    - At least have some knowledge of what is important about a case and its features
    - Be willing to post your reports/reviews and findings on these very forums for all to see!

    So does that sound good? If you are interested, please let me know below and I will come back and select someone sometime next week and we can get the ball rolling!

    Thanks for your time and if you have any questions, fire them at me!
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    Some great guys on here and I am sure they can do a great review for you.

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      good luck, as term starts soon you'll need to work fast - first week of a school term is always busy.
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        Originally posted by DoubleTop View Post
        good luck, as term starts soon you'll need to work fast - first week of a school term is always busy.
        Not sure what you are getting at, but I would say around 3 weeks is more than enough time give or take to be able to do the task in hand.


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          I thought it was obvious, either parents or those at school (most of this forum) are going to be pretty busy over the next couple of weeks !
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            or weddings coming up, and I don't have a camera to shout about..


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              mad house here this week too, he starts back in the morning and tilly the following day.

              i would love to do this but have no camera atm
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                these cases look great and are a nice price too, no black and yellow though?

                I was recently deciding between one of these and the corsair Spec-01 for a friend but went with the corsair.

                man that spec-01, has nice layout but vvv cheap build quality and very light, feels liek I could crush it with mah bear hands, would love to compare directly with the neos!

                but would be a little unfair for me to do it as I am a Vortez man and Dave has already looked at both, so I wouldn't want to undermine anything he has done.

                however, if noone else jumps at the chance of doing it I would enjoy the chance at an independent forum review, imo they are nice and informal and I could always do a giveaway of some kind to pass on the good gesture...

                still it is prob best for someone else to do it ;D
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                  Got a m-ATX system floating around atm that is a AMD x6, ATI 6770, single fan water cooling loop, Hard drive, optical drives etc...

                  Not a pretty lot of hardware for photos, but can provide some build photos, how I felt while building in the case, quality etc
                  English is not my strong point but can make up for it with photos, few years experience building PC, several of my own and quite a few for others.

                  If you really want can do some artistic videos of the case and installing stuff, got to try out my new camera

                  Got 15 days till start of Uni, but no classes till next month. Loads of time


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                    Understandably it might not be the best time of year for some people, but I am running this on another forum too and so far not 1 complaint!

                    Keep them coming though folks, I can come back in 2 weeks and select someone if it gives people who are too busy an opportunity etc


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                      If it was a Prodigy case, I'd volunteer but I think my planned APU build would look a bit dwarfed in a case of that size.


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                        it would be good to see more budget itx/matx cases really, with better onboard audio becoming a think since the ALC 1150, itx and matx motherboards and the appeal of downsizing is really starting to be feasible for gamingsystems


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                          There will be announcements very soon coming from BitFenix

                          I will let this run over the weekend and I will come back on Monday and select someone


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                            I'll quite happily give this a bash. I have writing/review experience with and, I have reviewed several cases for said websites and I am in the market for a replacement case for my home server so I can easily test this in its full capacity and see how well it can cool the drives and how practical it is to build inside of.

                            I have a DLSR and 35mm prime lens that can easily handle the photography side of things
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                              I would volunteer but I believe I'm just over the 3 year mark when it comes to mobo/CPU (would also have to use stock intel cooler, not worthy of review phot lol)

                              Shame really a white one with blue front would look absolutely gorgeous.

                              I'm liking the way the industry is going very two-tone. Its like the trend in cars. If we can get a bit more of a modular building system into play with (select - would be a big commitment to stock it all) retailers can see some seriously sexy builds usually only available to modders coming from the masses.