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Where to go from a Corsair H50?

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  • Where to go from a Corsair H50?

    Apologies if question has been asked before. I'm soon to be building my new rig (i5-2500K, Asus P8Z-68 Pro) and I'm just thinking of last minute improvements. I've got a Corsair H50 and I've been really impressed with it - but how would you improve upon it if you were to upgrade? I like how they have kept it simple for numpties like me, installation and usage wise. With NF-P12 fans I'm getting 28/30c idle - Should I go H80? Would be there any benefit?

    Comments and opinions welcomed
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    There is a good improvement, and with the h80 you can change the fan speed with it, here's a link for it.
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      I personally wouldn't go for any of the H series apart from the H100. Grab yourself a decent air cooler like a be quiet dark rock or a coolermaster hyper 212 evo
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      I admit it, it's so damn good! following Alan on the downs, just getting a feel


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        I would keep the H50 tbh, its likely the 2500K will have better temps over a Q6600 anyway.

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          much better temps my 2500k is cooler at 4.1Ghz than my Q6600 was at 3Ghz

          stick with what you have just give the rad a good clean