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Request more Fans or Coolers!

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  • Request more Fans or Coolers!

    Hi Guys,

    It's 2012 and we're increasing our product range before the world ends

    No seriously, we want to know what you guys are looking for. We can't get everything, but it's good to hear what you guys want, would like to see more of, and what you think we are missing. We know we have gaps in places and don't stock everything like some other etailors, but every now and then if the product(s) gets enough attention and requests, we'll try and sort something out.

    Let us know

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    You should have left the Topic that was there, I thought it was a good idea

    Noctua fans, preferably these 3 please:
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      Any chance of the Cougar Vortex Fans, I have one 140mm at the mo but looking to buy some 120mm ones but may need to look elsewhere,

      Dont see many people mention these but they are very quiet but powerfull, the 120mm is 74cfm at 19db


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        Some black Akasa Apache's would be great
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          Id like to see some of the decen't Coolermaster stuff, Like the V6GT and the V10, and why did you stop stocking the Coolermaster Turbine fans?

          They are THE BEST fan I have ever used and pretty much the only Coolermaster fan Ive seen that is actually inaudiable.


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            silver arrow?
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              Originally posted by marsey99 View Post
              silver arrow?
              Definitely more thermalright stuff tbh, silver arrow and venomous x are both amazing coolers.


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                I was just looking and noticed that you don't offer any 230mm fans or simple white 200mm white fans. I have been looking at the NZXT Phantom and your site offers it at by far the best price however you don't have the fans I would want to add onto it. I was thinking something like these:

                BitFenix Spectre 230mm Fan - White
                NZXT 200mm Blue LED Fan
                FS 200RB
                FN 200RB

                I have only just found this thread so feel free to delete this thread I made can a mod delete it.
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                  +1 on the Cougar Vortex Fans


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                    I have asked elsewhere but I'll repeat what someone on page 1 asked for, fan controllers please! I posted a couple of models in the customer wishlist sub-forum, still top of page one over there at the moment.

                    Although actually I noticed from a thread a couple of months back that you did stock fan controllers at that time? Guessing they didn't shift? Maybe stock just one or two models?

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                      Phantek coolers are very good
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                        Oh and maybe a little more choice on fans in general? I know not everyone goes for LED's but currently no blue LED fans are stocked and only one red one, also no 200mm case fans...

                        need fans....


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                          Would like to see Coolermaster fans being stocked , normal and LED . 80mm-140mm
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                            i know you guys have a lot of corsair stuff, their new fan range are uber pretty......just a thought


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                              Originally posted by Traldera View Post
                              i know you guys have a lot of corsair stuff, their new fan range are uber pretty......just a thought
                              This x infinity.
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