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  • Cooling

    You dont sell any!

    Right ok that was a joke - now ive got your attention, i bought one of these and im the big reviewer oops i didnt realise it was an essay...

    Problem is - i hate the drone of a comp, so ive spent good time making my case tidy, using bigger fans, and slowing them down to give me a whisper quiet PC...

    Now its only because this summer has been very hot that the suns been able to heat my cooler up a little more than i would like...

    I wanted to get a VGA block - aparently Gigabyte do them i cant see it on their site but it was on the box =)

    I also would need some more tubing and coolant, (definately sold seperately, as there also seperate on gigabytes site)

    Would it be possible to get a cost on both the VGA cooler, some more tubing and one more bottle of coolant ? (ive bought 2 of these coolers now and have about 10ml left, after filling both)

    I dont know anywhere else that sells this kit - let alone individual parts?

    Aslong as its 1/2\" (i think) who makes the blocks it doenst matter aslong as it works and it fits ! Thermaltake do one for 15 (cheapest ive seen on internet) all copper, just need one compatible with my 6600GT, most start at 6800 \"And Above\"..

    Any help much appreciated


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    i bought one of these from work

    i am also after the VGA block, i emailed gigabyte to ask about whether or not its still in development

    they told me it was still in testing or something along those lines and that it is still coming out

    however, i found a website selling these things and they have a \"customers who bought this also bought...blahlbh\" section

    and in there it had a waterblock for another type of water cooling system, so i emailed the website selling this waterblock and asked them if they could be as kind to contact that buyer and ask them if infact they managed to sucessfully adapt this waterblock into the gigabyte system, they told me that that was probably the main reason they bought the waterblock, but couldnt get hold of that person at the time.

    I should really think about getting back to them, never got round to it tho.

    Aria sell coolant but i havent seen any tubing yet.

    They dont sell any waterblocks seperate