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    for graphics cards, i have a geforce fx5500 and the fan is unbaerably loud, i took it apart and cleaned it but it still makes way too much noise and vibrates badly

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    Unfortunately I don't see one for an FX5500. But third party coolers generally make cards quieter.


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      The Zalman VF700 ( is definitely worth a look too. It's pretty quiet even at the highest setting, but I had mine cooling a 9600 pro in a well ventilated case and didn't even need the fan switched on - the large heatsink was enough.

      The compatibility list ( says it should be ok with any FX5500 too


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        Zalman VF700 isn't a bad option.

        But does a FX5500 really need that much?

        If you have an old graphics card lying around then strip the fan off that.

        Should save you a couple of quid


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          For ultimate Gfx cooling, Id opt for these new fangled as

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            You know, that's not that daft

            When I got my first 3dfx card (Voodoo3 I think) it only had a passive heatsink and playing Half Like stressed it out so I had to take the side of the case off and keep a huge desk fan next to it.


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              all my other graphics cards have no fan, theyr all heatsinky, that Zalman VF700 seems like overkill and probly wont fit alongside my other stuff but it does look tasty although i was looking for somethin cheaper, maybe when i have more money

              thanks for the help


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                  for my Feforce 6600 GT (bit dated now i know) i went for the below:


                  no fan needed, its silent, even playing top end games (which stress this card a bit) it doesn''t overheat. And its a piece of cake to move to another graphics card when i upgrade...........altho i'll need another......hmmm SLi

                  Also on a note of after market cooling, i got a huge heatsink (can't remember the make) it takes 120mm fan, then i just found a low noise 120mm case fan, dirt cheap, they are a lot larger, so can spin much slower and still push more air, just remember that u do need A LOT of clearence, if i remember i may put a pic up of mine!
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