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Everybody should have some !

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  • Everybody should have some !

    If your order just falls short of free postage, this is perfect.

    Actually does a great job as well, and when it's done with bits of keyboard mank stuck in it, makes a great "present" for office co-workers in amusing places.

    Door handle caused a fall straight onto backside moment, the new green tinge to the window makes one room look like the hulk is in there

    Hilarious product - order it now and we can have a before and after photo challenge

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    How effective is it on those difficult to reach crotch areas?

    All your spoon are belong to us


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      I've got some of this and it's therapeutically satisfying to use.
      Think I paid about 4 for it too, so this price is fab.
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      Cruciate, when you need answers, proper answers, head for the tower on the hill, top O' the trail, clarity will be delivered.