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  • Poor RMA 12127

    So A few weeks ago I purchased a corsair h2100 headset I received the item unpackaged it and tried it out. When trying out the headset the sound quality was poor at first I thought it was faulty but after trying my friends out his was the same.

    I requested an return as the item wasn't what I wanted. I then received an email asking to give a reason for my return (I don't have to provide any reason under the ''distance selling act'').

    I sent an email back stating why and explaining that the item wasn't what I expected. would just like to add the headset was worn for only 15 minutes and then put straight back into the box.

    So I sent the item back and then this is where the ordeal begins. I received an email stating that they are refusing my return as the headset is physically damaged and smells of nicotine. Which I find astounding as no one in my house smokes including myself.

    The email also stated that the item had been used and opened and was unable to be re-sold as ''used''. Under section 34 of the ''sales of goods act'' a consumer must be provided time to examine and inspect the product before accepting it. In this case me trying out the headset. I stated this in an email back to the customer service department and received no response.

    I decided to call the department where I spoke to a member of staff named Tim. I asked him for copies of the lab tests showing the trace evidence of nicotine/cotinine as this would be needed as evidence to which his response was there was no test carried out.

    Now under the ''sales of goods act'' any damaged to an item is on the supplier for the first 6 months unless proved otherwise. During my conversation with Tim I asked to speak to another member of staff or someone higher up to which he replied that there are no other members of staff there. I find this highly unlikely that there is only one person in a call centre for a customer services department. He said he was going to get someone to call me back today (hopefully someone who can actually resolve this).

    My RMA number is 12127, I'm not being awkward of difficult but I outright refuse to be blamed for this so called smell of nicotine when this headset has not been near any smoker whilst it was in my possession. I hope I can get my money back as I am currently sitting here 80 lighter and without a headset which quite frankly is disgusting service. I will have no choice but to contact trading standards if this issue continues and I know full well that without hard evidence of me causing the damage Aria will be forced to give me my money back.

    One very angry customer
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    I was told by customer service rep Tim that i would be contacted by a manager(This was at 1pm today). No one has contacted me so i decided to ring myself (after being told they are open until 5:30pm) and what a surpise they shut at 5pm. Writing to Citizens Advice consumer service tonight im fed up.

    One very very angry customer
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      had to add in a few carriage returns to make your experience readable, hope you don't mind.

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        Yeah, sorry about that. I wrote it out on my phone. Probably not the best idea.


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          Tried calling again today but gave up after sitting on hold for 25 minutes, also sent another email.


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            I have to say as a long time customer of Aria...Ive had no issues..... but I will say this does not look good service...
            posted by scrivz69
            I think I may leave this forum, it seems to be full of the village people.​
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              Spoke to a very polite lady today who has now taken care of this matter. Maybe Some other members of staff could take note from her as she was extremely helpful and diplomatic unlike the two previous gentlemen i spoke to. My court claim will continue to be on hold until the monies have reached my account but so far so good.


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                Hi Octane,

                I am glad to hear you are very happy with the outcome of this after speaking to operations management.

                As wonderlust said this forum is an unofficial communication method so in future it would be best for you to stick the official channels for a much faster response!

                Thanks and have a great weekend!