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    So, a couple of weeks ago a machine started hitting that magic thermal level of machine bios turning everything off.

    Took off, the Seidon all in one water cooler, put on AMD stock heatsink, problem gone - but we'd forgot how noisy these things can be !

    Now, I did a bit of what I considered a "blind" test here. No calls to staff, no PM's and no mention of issue. What I found means I've been had for favours for ages

    My last RMA, I called up and spoke to my "account manager", things all went well - within the timescales and terms, all good. I felt valued and to some level, important

    This time, the same experience happened and I saved 10-20 minutes of talking about tech.

    Part1 - send email to request rma
    Part2 - get RMA number
    Part3 - return faulty goods
    Part4 - get email stating goods received
    Part5 - Get email back with store credit (call to spend)

    Part6 - email can I get a different air cooler (it's a thin case so went with Dark Rock Top Flower), that email was 4pm ish, missed a call as there was a slight difference in monies I had to pay, returned call, gave details and order got properly rushed through to get on the vans. Arrived 9am the following morning.

    Got to say guys, you've been having me on - selling me more stuff by tempting me on those phone calls, asking for forum favours - yet it would seem you go and treat all your customers like this

    It really was easy thing to do, send broken back, get response - get replacement. Well played, you've been having me on for years

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