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Keyboard could do with a little more info...

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  • Keyboard could do with a little more info...

    Just bought this for my son along with a bunch of other stuff (he's 15 at the end of the month and needs a new pc). I'm pleasantly surprised by how good it looks when lit up (I don't usually go for that sort of thing):

    BUT: How do you light it up? There's no instructions in or on the box, and there's no separate key for controlling the backlighting...

    Choose from Red, Blue or Green LED colours at the touch of a button.
    Which bloody button?!?!? (It's the Pause Break key, I had to google it lol ). Once the keyboard is already lit up you can actually see the tiny indicator on the key...

    Also in the information on the web page:

    Storage Temperature Range: -2060c
    -2060??????????? That's a little bit on the impossibly cold side, you know considering absolute zero/Kelvin is only around -270C
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    I would suggest visiting the maker's website, as listed on the Aria product page. But Site Not Found.
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      if you condense the info, you can post it as a comment on the product page, and i'm sure someone would aprove it fairly quickly

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