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Bug in my Notifications Preview

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  • Bug in my Notifications Preview

    Just spotted a little bug in the notifications page:

    This has just popped up in my subscription page, there's no link to whatever subscribed thread this is supposed to be, VivianMeyer is apparently a banned user, and it says "and -1 others". Minus 1 others sounds buggy.

    (I've copy and pasted below from my Notifications page)


    • 6 hours ago
      VivianMeyer and -1 others have posted on your subscription:
    Originally posted by coiler
    He'll have the local FBI round his house with all that hash!
    Originally posted by BigIan88
    turn off that sexy nonsense
    Originally posted by Salad Soup
    turns out if you touch a stripper too much and try and get back in after being kicked out, they dont like that!

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    It means that someone, in this case, VivianMeyer has posted in that thread, and then the post has been deleted, either by the user or a mod. I get it all the time.

    Originally posted by coiler
    Stomach was rumbling like a fatman landing on Sanctuary


    • #3
      It was spam so it was deleted and I swung the banhammer
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