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Returns and S2716DG price match/availability enquiry.

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  • **New Enquiry** | Returns and S2716DG price match/availability enquiry.

    Hi Aria,

    So it's looking likely my awesome parents have purchased the AOC Q2778VQE from yourselves as an extremely generous present for me however I've found myself some extra cash and it's a 1440p gsync 27" monitor I want.

    I was looking at the Asus pg278q but it's still quite pricey which was when I discovered the new Dell s2716dg whose rrp is similar to the Asus but can be found reduced already to approx 430-450.

    So my question is can I return the AOC monitor and will you be getting more stock of the Dell monitor and will you price match?

    i would call but I'm in hospital atm with bog all signal.

    Help me out guys!


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    <- Not Aria staff

    I recommend posting an order number(if you have one) and check if you still have the invoice, those are important for a staff member to look into this quickly for you
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      Santas not been yet...