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  • **New Enquiry** | Game Codes?

    I purchased the MSI GTX 970 and it's meant to come with two games. I didn't get anything, can someone advise?

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    email cs mate I got mine within 10 mins, neither game is out yet so no rush. Email here mate.
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      I was wondering as well, emailed customer support with attached invoice at around 5:30pm, still nothing, guess they went home haha. I've heard some things about an activation deadline which is worrying, still a couple days before Witcher comes out at least. Weirdly my account was validated to post on these forums about half an hour ago
      I suppose i'll get my codes in the morning


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        forum staff and shop staff are not the same group dude.

        i imagine they will see the email before they check the forums
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          Haha I guess so. Still nothing yet this morning

          edit: Scratch that, they just sent them! Woooo
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            I've emailed them, I have every faith I'll get a reply