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  • **New Enquiry** | Discontinued product

    Any chance of getting in a set of these?

    Really good clocking ram and i fancy another set!

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    yeah those sets were good silicone, nice tight timings too

    I was going to say had you seen these or their 1866mhz CAS9 version, but then i saw you wanted to add them to another set you already had.

    i'd guess adw would be one of the ones that may be able to answer your question, but i do know mushkin stuff is not always the easiest to get a hold of

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      aint nobody making good ddr3 anymore dude

      i think adw can ask mushkin but unless they have a box sat on a shelf (i doubt) i think you missed the boat

      i know when i enquired about getting another set of the redlines i have i was told they would look into it and never heard anything again
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