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More NAS products - particulary Synology

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  • More NAS products - particulary Synology

    Title says it all really, couldn't find many NAS devices on your site in a recent visit. Hope I didn't 'fluff' and not find loads, had to go elsewhere this time round :/

    I'm sure there would be a pretty high demand for some decent feature rich NAS solutions, most of us have growing music/video collections.

    I plumped for a Synology DS-106
    • Bring your own internal SATA drive
    • uPnP Media server
    • FTP server
    • Web (PHP/MySQL) server
    • Photo album (web application)
    • Bittorrent downloader
    • USB Print Server
    • External USB harddrive/flash drive support
    • External eSATA harddrive support
    • Also an unsupported way of squeezing SlimDevices Slimserver on it!

    I'm sure there are loads more things I've forgotten.......

    Point being, I couldn't find anything that came close on Aria.
    Shuttle SD37P2 - Conroe E6700 - 2GB OCZ PC2-4200 - 2x300GB HDD SATA - XFX Geforce 640MB 8800GTS XXX
    Synology DS-106 - NAS/WWW/FTP/uPnPAV - 500GB Western Digital Caviar RE2 (WD5000YS)