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Non reference 290/290x eta?

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    confirmed, defo in today and good news is I just got some more MSI 290's and 290x's allocated for arrival Monday! boooom


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      Originally posted by coiler View Post
      none x 290's due today
      Hi Coiler, I can not reply to your PM (prob due to my low post count?)

      Many thanks

      *coiler passed number on


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        removed number from post and passed on
        Originally posted by Aaron
        I want those sweet cherries


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          290x arrived today. Think im gonna cry i have the large text cursor probem that i havnt read a solution 2 despite reading a lot of issues conserning it. My psu is a silent pro 800w pro Gold and have the latest bios on my mobo. Only thread i found on this resulted in a rma =-( plz dont say this is the case) I have tried beta drivers and current drivers plus several "roll back" drivers. If i remove ccc then the problem goes away. As soon as i install ccc it comes back. if i put my 6950 back in and install ccc no large mouse pointer. Advice?

          few posts like this :
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