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  • **Resolved** | VTX3D Black Edition

    Says in the description and in the specs that this has 1280 Stream Processing Units

    If you go to the KitGuru review it says: This HD7870 ‘Tahiti LE’ version we know is built from 4313M Transistors (like the 7900 series) and has an upgraded 1,536 shader count. The HD7950 has 1,792 shaders and the earlier HD7870 has 1,280 shaders.

    Are there 2 versions of this card or is it just a typo ?

    Any chance someone can stick 1 in a rig and check and if it has 1,536 shaders and maybe sell it to me open box for £150

    Seriously though . Could someone check this for me please ?
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    All Tahiti LE have 1,536 Stream Processing Units


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      Typo. Updated.

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