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CM Storm Stryker, Gigabyte Z77 G1 sniper 3.

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  • **Resolved** | CM Storm Stryker, Gigabyte Z77 G1 sniper 3.

    As title any info on as/when/If you'll be getting either the Cm Storm Stryker or Storm Trooper window panels.
    Also would like to know if your planning on stocking the G1 sniper 3? Cheers
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    as far as i'm aware the stryker doesn't have a set release date yet, was meant to be march but has been delayed, i gave up waiting for it and got the regular trooper

    as for the windowed side panel, coolermaster has just started selling troopers that come with the side panel pre-fitted in their own store in america
    in coolermasters NL store, accessed from coolermaster UK's website you can buy the windowed side panel for 20 euros plus P+P
    would like aria or somewhere to start stocking it though as i do want the side window
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      Just had a look on Coolermasters site, I wouldn't mind an extra one of the hdd cages as well. I think the case would look good with 3 fans going up the front.
      I tried to get a quote from them for P+P but the site says it can't be delivered to my location. Really would like Aria to get some of these in.
      Might give the G1 Sniper 3 a miss afterall and prob pick up a X79 in a couple of months


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        G1 ATX Sniper is weeks away still.

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