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230mm fans + 200mm white fans?

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  • 230mm fans + 200mm white fans?

    I was just looking and noticed that you don't offer any 230mm fans or simple white 200mm white fans. I have been looking at the NZXT Phantom and your site offers it at by far the best price however you don't have the fans I would want to add onto it. I was thinking something like these:

    BitFenix Spectre 230mm Fan - White
    NZXT 200mm Blue LED Fan
    FS 200RB
    FN 200RB

    I understand why you don't stock any 230mm fans as they aren't often used or even usable with most cases but I was just wondering if you guys have any plans to get these sorts of fans
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    I have nothing to add to this thread other than:

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      Bitfenix 200 x 200 x 25mm Spectre Pro Black With White LED Case Fan :

      White 200mm fan has now been discontinued as out of stock. Yet still shows on Amazon as in stock for Aria..
      I've bought 120mm and 140mm versions to match up and now struggling to find hold of the 200mm fan.

      Any help please?