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Mother hubbard and the cupboard was bare...

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  • **Resolved** | Mother hubbard and the cupboard was bare...


    I have just bought (yesterday) this...

    order number : SORC226863

    Quick item number 42179

    it is advertised that it comes with...

    Supplied with Full TOM CLANCY's HAWX2 PC Game as of 18/10/2010 (This is a highly anticipated game thats in huge demand and with this product you get a download voucher which entitles you to download the full version of this game for FREE. This game has an RRP of 29.99!!)

    ...Alas the box was empty of any such voucher

    Please let me know what you can do.


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    I've PMed you the code
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      okey dokey, thanks for that.

      I did the following...

      H.A.W.X. 2 is officially released November 11th. Trying to redeem a code before November 11th? Follow the same process below to pre-order your free copy.

      1. Connect yourself to:
      2. Click on the “Add to Cart” button or if it’s before November 11th, click on the “Pre-order” button.
      3. You are now in the first step of the buying process.
      4. To use your 100% off coupon code, enter the code indicated on your coupon in the “Promo Code” bar on the UBIShop page.

      and followed precisely what it said. I entered in the code but then only gave me the option to pay by credit card @ 29.99

      I have to complete all the details, including the credit card information, before I can complete the order and it states that I will be debited for 29.99.