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  • Laptops

    I wish you would sell more laptops, at the moment I can only find 2 on the Aria site, and what I am looking for would be between these two.

    Dell Latitude C600: 850 MHz is too slow and it has too little RAM and hard disk

    Digimate M-3616: has a wireless connection, which I prefer to avoid.

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    Yeah but its very easy to disable the wireless connection.

    But i think its worth having the possibility of Wireless for the future.

    Better than having a USB or PCMIA sticking out of your laptop.


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      Laptops are defo an area we need to expand on, now that the superbly priced digimate stock is drying up!

      Asus and Sony have both been in to see us regarding their notebooks for the high end stuff... Also Acer wish to list on our site their current lines...

      If there are any other lines of laptops you wish to see, like Fujitsu Seimens etc, let us know - More than happy to accomodate!

      Were looking at having a very vibrant laptop lineup by the end of July stoke early August.. the best on the web no doubt

      Im quite exited about acer tbh, some mega deals to be had! Their lines change so often though, never have the same laptop online for more than a few days.. Crazy!

      For now though, the M3616 should meet most of todays demands at a cracking price, and Belso is right - Wireless and be totaly turned off in the bios, always handy to have tho! Think of the airport, starbucks, even McDonalds have Wifi spots now! NUTS


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        Evesham & Dell laptops are pretty good.

        Sony's are just too expensive.


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          Ive only got good things to say about Acer Laptops from my limited experience of them.
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            I have an Acer laptop. Had it for nearly 2 years now I think. Its an A643000+ Aspire 1511LMi. As far as price and internal bits go, you cant go wrong. Build quality leaves a bit to be desired, but it does the job - as I said, for the price, they are really good.

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              May I suggest that when you add more laptops into the Aria website, have plenty with Windows XP Professional rather than XP Home. If I buy a PC/laptop with XP preinstalled, I only want the Pro version, as the Home verison is too limited for my needs.


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                Could you not make it so you have the option of an OS, I'm a student and so can get MS XP Professional through the MS Academic Alliance free of charge, it would bring the price of laptops down (by about 80 ish?) and if you were the only site that did this with a footnote high lighting this to students poss even a link to the MSAA............

                who knows how many students from unis accross england would start buying the machines from here!

                I noticed you all ready have a student dicount but its only for sales over the counter, can you not have an area where you type NUS card number in and get the discount on line too?
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                  Also a good option would be to have laptops without an OS so that the user could install Linux, or maybe have a laptop preinstalled with Linux.


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                    [quote:7db8e1e734=\"Avoura\"]Also a good option would be to have laptops without an OS so that the user could install Linux, or maybe have a laptop preinstalled with Linux.[/quote:7db8e1e734]

                    I know what you mean, I havn't conviced myself to get a Laptop yet but yeah I would stick Linux on it.

                    Having said that I would probably go for a dual boot, or maybe have winblows running Via VMWare


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                      Good call about the OS. I currently have Suse dual booted with Windows.



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                        [quote:d2b7a2080d=\"Belso\"]Good call about the OS. I currently have Suse dual booted with Windows.


                        I used to really Like Suse

                        I use Linux from Scratch these days ( well Hardend LFS )

                        takes a while to get it all installed, as you compile it from source, but does give you more contol over what you have installed and gives a great overview.

                        Might have to play about with a new Disto tho, might find some bells and whistles that I just have to have


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                          Lemme know what you find mate.

                          I did use Mandrake for a while but i found Suse alot easier to use


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                            I've been looking for a laptop for a few days now, to replace the one my girlfriend has. Her Acer laptop broke and the company we bought it from just gave her a refund, so we're after another with a 360 budget.

                            Sadly there's nothing much on the aria website
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                              did anyone mention sony?