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  • Gladiator A8-6600k

    Hi all

    I purchased this PC recently and was wondering if someone could tell me whether or not the PSU is sufficient to power a GTX 750ti? I can't seem to find much detail on the power supply that this PC has apart from the fact it is 500w?

    I have read that the 750ti's have a really low power consumption and don't need 6 pin power from the PSU's but want to be sure before committing to a purchase.

    Thanks in advance


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    Have you got a link mate?

    Generally speaking, I'd say up it from a 500w, but it all depends on the rest of the specs and the pull from those components, and the quality of the PSU that is in there!
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    • #3 500W version of this.

      I would say it would cope, but I'd look at a slightly higher spec, although same power rating unit to be sure the 120 GPU wasn't going to be fried
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        Sorry totally forgot the link

        I cant seem to find the PSU they are quoting for sale seperately on Aria and as a result its difficult to get the full spec of the PSU


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          I guess it's this one?

          Not the worst non mainstream PSU, but not a match to the bigger brands
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            So do you think its capable of running this?


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              It should be fine. That said, spending a solid amount on a quality branded PSU is always a good thing. If it were me I would probably get a new PSU and box the old one up as it's always useful to have a 'spare' PSU kicking around for testing and as a backup.

              But if cash is tight your current PSU should definitely be fine for the 750ti, which is fairly power efficient.


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                Thanks for the feedback - I'm just trying to keep the cost down but it will probably bite me in the *** in the end so ill probably stump up for the PSU as well.


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                  while i doubt the 750ti will push that psu over the edge i would have that psu near, if not at the top of my shopping list too
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                    I'll echo what others have said, the PSU should be fine, however I'd be a lot happier with an upgrade for longevity. More expensive PSUs are more expensive for a reason.
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