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Gladiator Juggernaut Query (faulty ram but out of 12 month system warranty)

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  • Gladiator Juggernaut Query (faulty ram but out of 12 month system warranty)

    Hi, I wonder if someone can help.

    I had a Gladiator Juggernaut purchased for me in September 2012 ( ) which over the last few months has had an increasing number of BSD's in conjunction with CRC errors when unrarring files. After running Memtest I discovered one of my 4 sticks of ram was faulty. I've removed the faulty ram and the system has worked perfectly ever since but I was wondering 2 things. Due to how this is a custom overclocked system will me removing the ram have an adverse effect on the overclock? And despite the system warranty being out of date is there a longer warranty on the RAM as I know many have lifetime guarantees? The make of the ram is Exceleram & it's a 4gb 1600mhz DDR3 stick.

    My order/build number is likely to be in one of my previous posts so feel free to have a look should you need to.

    Apologies if this is the wrong section on the forum to post this.


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    Removing the stick *shouldnt* affect the OC. In terms of warranty I should imagine you should still have some kind of warranty with it, even if its direct with the manufacturer. I'd say give aria a call (or pop in) and see what they say.
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      afaik removing the ram will not have an adverse issue with your oc. if anything it should allow you to reduce voltages and remain stable.

      the ram should have a longer warranty period but the best bet to find out how to proceed is to phone customer service explaining the situation.
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        I'll give them a call tomorrow, thanks for the advice.