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Gladiator Anarchy GTX P67 won't boot and keeps restarting

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    Do you not have an independent PC retailer. You could take it too? Probably cost less than PC hurled.... And do a better job and not try to sell you norton!.... Plus they would be able to certify it ,if it was kaput
    Oh there is NO WAY I'd let PC World actually do the repair, all they need to do is show it's a faulty motherboard which gives me the legal requirements (to have an independent body ascertain the fault) to make more "assertive" demands in a small claims court.

    The board is actually still in manufacturers warranty, so as far as I can see it's their responsibility not mine to pay for repairs.

    we decided to swap out the sata cable. Worked perfect first time!!!
    Your problem sounds like it was different to mine (my operating system wont even boot at all, I get the loading screen and then it restarts whether I'm booting from HD or DVD, I can get safe mode but that's useless).
    I reckon it's unlikely that two SATA cables will have gone duff at the same time, but I'll try it anyway.

    I'm desperate!


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      Just tried replacing SATA cables as suggested, no difference.

      Thanks for all your help though anyway chaps
      Keep your suggestions coming.


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        Have I posted this thread in the right section?


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          Maybe try a post in here

          Forum, Customer Care, Warranty, returns and refunds enquiries
          posted by scrivz69
          I think I may leave this forum, it seems to be full of the village people.​
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            Will do, although the warranty with Aria has run out (you only get a year) and I'm using hardware warranty on most stuff now (which gives you 2 or 3 years).


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              Anyone have anymore ideas?