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Gladiator P67 i5 2500K 4.60GHz

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  • Gladiator P67 i5 2500K 4.60GHz

    Hi, I recently purchased a Gladiator P67 i5 2500K 4.60GHz overclocked bundle. I had to clear the cmos settings and put in a new battery as the battery was dead. My question is will the overclocked settings still be saved or will everything be put back to factory settings?

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    Have a look to see if there are any profiles saved. One of those might be the overclock or that could have been wiped too.


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      Thanks for the quick reply. Where would I go to find the saved profiles?


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        Uhh, dunno Have a hunt around in the BIOS or look up your mobo model on google to find the manual.


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          Basically when you take the battery out of the MB that's mean you reset the bios all the configuration will be back to a default setting or manufacturer setting. But not sure by this now a day the new MB still like that? You can check in the bios ! but i'm pretty sure it goes back to a default setting. Anyone have any idea?