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HoHow are gladiator system put through their aces?

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  • HoHow are gladiator system put through their aces?

    *How are gladiator systems put through their paces

    I was wondering what you guys use to stress test them. Especially when graphic cards are installed in an SLI set up as a pressing game with your clock may result in higher heat etc.

    My system is coming without an OS supplied also, so just out of curiosity and a silly question perhaps, I'm presuming to fully test a machine you install and then wipe this off??? Knowing what OS you used would also help me know what to install for the best benchmarking results (I'm presuming windows 7 of course)

    Games like BF3 or Metro maxed out using all the direct x 11 bells and whistles are going to push my system, hence me being curious if you use 3d mark or intensive CPU use programs. be good if you could show some results of our system after your testing so we can compare when we get it. I've seen a few sellers who've done this and it was a nice touch.

    *****This is for the attention of staff member Brains (high end spec' builder) if at all possible****
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