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  • To the many people who answered e)



    • Don't worry. I have complete faith that you managed to connect to it in the end!


      • "Keep calm and stay on target!", eh, andyn?
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        • So was that a case of the answer was e, or the answer was not e xD


          • haha i cant remember is A is correct or not.. sounds like something that could happen.. i laugh at him for having both his ears pierced
            Originally posted by gavbon
            Your a woman, we all know your boss really


            • Originally posted by Traldera View Post
              So was that a case of the answer was e, or the answer was not e xD

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              • LOL

                e) andyn spent a great deal of time trying to connect to a server that was actually switched off

                If that's true I will LOL so hard..

                "WHY IZ THIZ NOT WORKIN!!..." *access error.. "WTF...." "RAGE..." *re-enter details.. "OMG WTF. FFFS..." 2hrs later, confused, wrists cut.. *calls server company.. "Sorry we turned it off..." ......... MOTHERF...

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                • it was....

                  with a rather burly security guard. worrying


                  • so this was the deep heat menthol aroma that was filtering through the aria aircon system all last week, I thought a sauna had been installed in the flat!

                    I suspect Robin had a 72 hours wowcrap sesh and didn't move from his chair = back fail
                    Originally posted by Aaron
                    I want those sweet cherries


                    • yes, it is true i had a bad back and was bathing in Deep Heat... seemed to be most attractive to burly men....


                      • Winner!

                        Originally posted by mfmcgreal View Post
                        a security guard said I smelled like a 'mens locker room'