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  • ***CLOSED*** Who wants a new SSD Competition...

    Morning all,

    I'm going to drag you lot into the storage revolution if it kills me

    OCZ Petrol 64GB 2.5" SATA-III Solid State Hard Drive

    Read Speed: 185MB/Sec, Write Speed: 95MB/Sec Controller: Indilinx Everest, 3 Years Warranty.

    and I have 3 to give away!

    In a few sentences, explain what was the most interesting/informative/relevant/amusing piece of news you have heard today and why.

    3 of the most informative, amusing or throught provoking answer will get a shiny new SSD.
    Get your answers in by 10am Friday morning
    Enter as many times as you want but on different subjects...

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    Dr. Soong in partnership with Microsoft has developed a Universal Translator that can translate up to 26 languages. Self explanatory !
    Running the London Marathon 2014 for MS-UK, need to raise 2000, please support my bid by texting LZAZ76 plus ?amount? to 70070 ! ... Or via


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      The topic in serious discussions about employment(and lack of it). Has started a similar talk in the office here but more on the state of things for people in/out of work and the not so bright future.


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        That Bear grills has been sacked from the Discovery Ch due to contractual disagreements , to be fair i don't like it so i'm not fussed but a lot of people are going to be crying them selves to sleep tonight

        Just interesting showing not everyone's comfortable and not to push a company so fair that they loose their rag , I bet it was only over a couple of pound as well
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          The fact that if you have ceiling tiles at work, stealing a colleauges mobile and placing above them in the ceiling space and then calling it, then watching them check everywhere is quite amusing


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            Was reading about GAME closing down earlier and saw this "In the words of Hicks from Aliens, "That's it man, game over man, game over!" at the bottom of an article from tweaktown...Epic line from an epic film that just about sums up the situation


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              When I called a colleague "dude" today, he asked if I was calling him a camel's privates


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                A town is available for sale in the US for about 64,000

                Buford Wyoming has a current populion of 1...

                In town consists of a 3 bedroom house, a Petrol station/convenience store and a school house.

                It is also the smallest town in the US.
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                  Breaking - Unidentified Object SUN! March 11, 2012

                  black spherical anomoly the size of Jupiter on the south east limb of the sun.


                  In a few sentences, explain what was the most interesting/informative/relevant/amusing piece of news you have heard today and why.

                  Not sure how i can fit " idiots " into a a few sentences.


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                    Scientitits have managed to create the worlds smallest 3d printed object. This is printed using a technology called nano printing and can create a object small than a grain of sand.

                    This is done using a laser that prints into liquid resin requring two photons to set the resin into what ever pattern you want!



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                      I took my fully grown German Shepherd to the vets today because his eyes were cross eyed. The vet picked him up, had a look at his eyes, tongue and his coat and said "I'm going to have to put him down". I replied "WHY?? Because he's cross eyed??!?". He said "No, because he's too heavy"
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                        Looks like the US Navy is developing a fire-fighting humanoid robot that throws extinguisher grenades... sounds like they're making battle-bots but testing them out first to gauge the public reaction!
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                          Originally posted by FlasH View Post
                          First experience of an MMORPG, wasn't for me really, don't like the fact I couldn't teabag in it.
                          This is the most amusing bit of news I have read today. Self explaniatry really. Perhaps I should get out of aria forums once in a while
                          I LIKE CHOCOLATE MILK
                          Originally posted by Ninjacat
                          yes it was hard, fast and im covered in lube
                          Originally posted by Turbo Porridge
                          LOL- well... to be going for 2 hours that kids got Stamina! Watch out ladies!
                          Originally posted by Salad Soup
                          It's a bit worrying you want to see me in Lycra ....


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                            Scarlett opens up about leaked pics

                            Scarlett Johansson has told how she felt "violated" after nude pictures were leaked online.

                            This amuses me for a few reasons

                            1. why keep them on a phone that syncs.
                            2. she's a celeb (hottie).. so an obvious target.
                            3. why keep em on a phone... use a camera and dont put it near a pc lol..

                            To me she is either stupid to think they wont be accessible on an internet enabled phone to those who are really dedicated ...or she was aware of the chance and hoping they would get out... seeking the limelight..

                            either way...I love google search!!

                            Dont get me wrong i feel the papperazzi should be strung up and everyone is entitled to privacy...but if you live in the limelight ..dont complain when it bites you !
                            posted by scrivz69
                            I think I may leave this forum, it seems to be full of the village people.​
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                              Doncaster school forgets time capsule location