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  • ***CLOSED*** Weekend Competition

    Morning all,

    Sorry about the lack of comps - busy times here!

    Anyone want a 23" Dell U2312HM?

    Yes, two of the uber monitors are up for grabs this weekend... Plus a special prize:

    OCZ Agility 60gb SSD!

    OMG! What do I have to do?

    We have 3 categories... Photoshop, MS Paint and LOL

    What you have to do is create something in one or all three categories with the theme:

    My PC and Christmas

    Photoshoppers and MS Paint people can impress us with your skills - the winning entries in these categories are up for the Dell Monitors.

    The LOL category is for those who are not fans of MS Paint or Photoshop. You can create something that is so bad it actually becomes good. Or so good it blows us away. Draw something on a post-it note, dress your PC as Santa... its up to you. As long as you take a photo and show us what you have done. The winner in this category will get the SSD!


    No Rudeness of course!
    You can enter as many times as you please - mark your entries with the appropriate category in case it isnt obvious
    Your entries must be 100% all your own work

    Entries in by 10am Tuesday morning as I was a bit late putting this up...


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    Here you go Happy Christmas all hope you all have a wonderful time:

    MSPaint pretty impressed with the new brush styles etc you get havent used it since xp reformatted so havn't got round to but adobe on yet


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      meh can't be botherd even though it's my birthday tomoro
      The North will never forget!


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        Originally posted by Dillon View Post
        meh can't be botherd even though it's my birthday tomoro
        Go on.. treat yourself =P


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          Originally posted by Saldash View Post
          Go on.. treat yourself =P
          Mmm I'll give it a go...
          The North will never forget!


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            10 AM, TUESDAY?!
            I have loads of time then...
            Maby I should start today, or enter it on my birthday for good luck... hmmm
            The North will never forget!


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              No fair - some of us don't have a single creative bone in our body
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                No way!!! right i will defo enter this cause im hunting for a monitor and was looking at that on amazon cause it said you guys didnt have any on the site (out of stock) when i last checked


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                  Good Prizes, I already have a 23" Monitor and a 60GB OCZ Agility 3 SSD (Boss drives btw), so I think I'll sit this one out as I'm awful at Photoshop, Paint and life in general lol Good luck peeps
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                    Sold out already?
                    404 Not Found

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                      another cool comp with some awesome prizes . good luck all , looking forward to seeing some cool artwork


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                        Ok so this is my first entry... not really happy with this cause photo manip is not my thing.. there will be something more my style up eventually i think. Anyway..

                        so from this - to this


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                          Not entering this one as I dont need any of the prizes on offer

                          Give some one else a chance .

                          Good luck everyone


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                              Noooooooooo! I leave my desktop tomorrow to go home for xmas! How will I dress it humorously!? Thinking pants on for a quick entry methinks...
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