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  • ***CLOSED*** Become a Pro Overclocker!

    Hi Guys,This is a Vapochill case with a really superb custom metallic green paint finish. It is car quality. It is ex demo and it does require a CPU attachment and some polish. The refrigeration unit does work and it gets mighty frosty as you can see. This project is divided into two parts.Part one is open to everyone:What we want is for you to tell us what you intend to build into this case and what sort of overclocks you want to try. You may want to include modding ideas and cooling setups in depth. You will need to demonstrate your skills and experience here. We are looking for someone who will have the tools and the talent to get the job done well.This is not for the feint hearted! Quitters need not apply!We want a build that you will be proud of and can show off to everyone here at the Aria Forums.The team will be reading your proposals and will then pick one he feels is most suitable and with the greatest chance of success.Part Two is for the winner of Part One.We will then dispatch the case to you and you have to implement your ideas with a build log on the forum - we want photos and updates as you go. By all means ask for help and advice from the community as this is sort of a team effort!The reward is, apart from the case itself, is worldwide fame and fortune and a very frosty system The deadline for Part one is Monday the 12th December and we will then announce the winning entry afterwards.Good luck!
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    you think i would only use this on one system?


    me i would use this to max my overclocks on the bits i have atm, and then the bits i would buy with the money i got from selling these bits on.

    having already taken some cpus to the fastest of their kind in the uk with only a cold nights air i am sure wr would be close if i had some solid subzero cooling.

    nice 1 aria, rawz and all involved in this as it has to be the most epic of prizes for any overclocker
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      I would have to take my 760 + phenom II x4 B50 as far as they could possibly go to begin with, I would probably cut a 120mm blowhole in the window as the GPU isnt gonna cool itself(120mm green sickleflow maybe ?) ! (well the twin frozr cooler does a good job, but still need airflow!), with regards to modding the case itself, I don't think much more can be done to it to be honest, another green sickleflow on the front intake and one as an exhaust probably.

      After that, 1100T X6 as far as it could go, then 2500K, would definitely give X58 a go aswell as I kinda missed that, then probably X79, I don't think I'd have a 'main rig' anymore because I'd be chopping & changing boards & cpus so much !

      Would also have to get GPU mounts and take the 560ti to its limits, sell that & get a 570 repeat, 580 etc. lol

      great oppurtunity your giving here guys
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        Don't think I'm leet enough for this haha, good luck to the contestants!
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          Having been toe to toe with marsey in an overclocking comp, I know he has the tools to make the most of this opportunity.
          Id love to play with this myself but I dont think id do it justice or have the time to do it properly - I hoped Marsey would post as he gets my vote
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            marsey99 was the first person I thought of when I saw this.


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              maybe it was ment to be marsatron !

              from looking at your cpu-z stuff, and what other people have said already, I probably could'nt do it as much justice

              good luck brah
              i5-2500K@ (4.3GHz) - Z68X - NH-D14 - GTX 580 TwinFrozrII - BitFenix Shinobi - TX650 - 8GB RipJawZ 2133Mhz - lots of fans & a fan controller !


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                Wow how exciting is this!

                I am going to take a bit of time in formulating a proposal for this. It will certainly start off with my Asus Sabertooth and the crazy collection of AMD chips I have lying about namely 2 Athlon ii x4's, 2 Phenom ii 955BE and 2 Phenom ii 960T's. After that I have some fun old stuff kicking about that should be pushed to death. At some point I am going to want to get some sandybridge to fill it with as well. Anyway in the words of a Californian Govenor "I'll be back"!

                Not Bad for a 10Meg package lol.... But this is better


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                  My wife's been going ballistic with the amount of time I spend with the watercooling on my PC as it is.

                  /looks the other way and pretends i've never seen this thread - *whistles*
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                    Exciting competition. Good one Aria!
                    I don't have spare time for this kind of project, but look forward to see many ideas on the table and perhaps inspiring some others as well.
                    Good luck!
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                      Yeah i wouldn't have the time either to do it justice really, if it were a vote mine would also go to Marsey99.

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                        so far over my head i cant even see the vapour trail . good luck to those who enter .


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                          #47360 x 4 (although not all when bench runs)
                          #46870 x 3

                          Starting to worry about my choice of PSU

                          might be cheaper to just buy a vapochill

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                            Originally posted by alexnifty View Post
                            marsey99 was the first person I thought of when I saw this.
                            Odd that, I thought the exact same thing.
                            Asus P5Q-E /Q6600 @3.6ghz/Water Loop On CPU/MSI 5850 Twin FrozrII/60GB M4/2Tb Samsung/Raven RV02W-EW/8Gb RAM/1200w PSU/27" AOC Monitor


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                              I want to overcloak my Pentium D!!!