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Tuesday morning Competition * Winner * Mr Banana *

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  • ***CLOSED*** Tuesday morning Competition * Winner * Mr Banana *

    Morning everyone,

    1. Where would you find a companion called Dogmeat?
    2. Why is he cool?

    One of these today i think:

    Answers in by 2pm!

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    Fallout 3.

    Because he used to find stuff for you and he loved you which you could tell when you tried to send him to go back to vault 101 as he would whimper.

    Also he took no from raiders as he was pure bad-*** .
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      Fallout 3.

      Because he used to find stuff for you
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        In Fallout
        He has one brown and one blue eye... how cool is that!
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          nice keyboard...

          1. In Fallout 3 in the scrapyard
          2. Coz he's a dog companion (also can get stuff from locked containers)
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            Fallout 3
            He cool cause he will help you out if you talk to him, but if you don't talk to him, then shoot him, he wont ever help you out loyal dog or what

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              the original dogmeat is the NPC dog from fallout 1, although there is one as homage to the original dogmeat in fallout 2 and 3 these are not the orginal dogmeat
              he is cool because he if a faithful loyal dog ...
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                fallout 3
                he finds stuff for you


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                  In the Fallout series.

                  He is cool because in the 3rd Fallout if he dies he magically has puppies, so you get another dog, yay.

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                    Fallout 3
                    He is a great dog companion that helps by finding stuff for you


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                      1. Fallout Series
                      2. He is your companion & also has the ability to find useful things for you
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                        He was cool because he was the only follower you could use with another and having 2 followers was a combination of epic and deadly (In Fallout 3)
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                          He's cool because hes a deathclaw dominator

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                            fallout 3
                            Because he is man's best friend of course


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                              Fallout 3

                              He's a dog and can lick his own balls, cool.